Vietnamization-Nixon's policy for winding down the war
-troops withdraw
-training and equipment given to South Vietnamese
-by 1972, only 24,000 are left-huge decline

bombing raids increased however
-hurt supply lines of North Vietnam
-bombing expanded to other countries-Laos and Cambodia

US ground forces are invading Cambodia in Spring 1970
this leads to more domestic upheaval and unrest
May 4th, 1970-tragedy at Kent State University
4 people are killed

college campuses are main place where there are anti war protesters

Nixon loses support from the public and Congress
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution repealed

The Pentagon Papers-
-gov realized that what they were saying and what they were doing were 2 different things
-gov official sends it to the NY Times
-NY said we are going to put it onto the front page
-gov says no your not
-goes to Supreme Court and the NY Times wins

Peace Talks-1972
-Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho meet and say "peace is at hand"
-Nixon get reelected
-Nixon bombs the crap out of Vietnam-where many civilians are-15 US bombers shot down, only 1 had ever been shot down before
-Jan 27, 1973-agreement reached on ending the war and resorting peace in Vietnam
-US gets agreement that says that we get all POWMIA back
-Vietnam POW camps didn't follow the rules-they were tortured and abused-absolutely awful, gruesome stuff
-they were allowed to come home-most celebrated people

-in 1975-
North Vietnam military attacks
-Saigon falls
-Vietnam is reunited under communism

we lost the war because of this, we spent the whole war trying to avoid this

---In Southeast Asia
---1.5 million Vietnamese deaths
---countless Vietnamese civilians wounded, homeless
---agrarian society in shambles
---Southeast Asia left highly unstable as well
---Cambodia fell to communism after terror

America Copes
---58,000 Americans are killed
---365,000 wounded
---$150 billion in direct costs
---US attempts to come to grips with a "loss"-blow to self-esteem

---veterans extended a cold hand
---typical veterans were called name
---if war was bad, so were the veterans
---many veterans suffered from stress-PTSD
---many citizens embittered toward the gov
---entire generation of Americans war affected
---Vietnam War Memorial is probably most important memorial because it helped America "come back together"-veterans were SO grateful