Annotated Protest Collage - This should be done with one or two partners!
The war in Vietnam is usually referred to as the most unpopular war in American history. As the conflict dragged on, more and more Americans opposed American involvement overseas. This assignment will allow you to describe many of the aspects of the antiwar movement creatively by creating a virtual collage concerning the antiwar movement.

Your collage will contain the following …
  • 4 different and detailed reasons why people began to protest the war in Vietnam
  • 3 different and detailed methods people used to protest the war
  • 3 descriptions of different people or groups of people who protested the war in Vietnam
  • 2 excerpts of lyrics from Vietnam era protest songs
  • At least 5 different images that symbolize the antiwar movement (the images can also go along with the annotations)
  • embedded video to support the anitwar movement descriptions

To prepare for this tonight, you should use the various sources identified below to WRITE THE ANNOTATIONS on a wiki page on your Unit 8 wiki. You will be creating the collage in Friday's class and part of Tuesday’s class. You should also FIND SOME POSSIBLE IMAGES AND VIDEO online and include the hyperlinks on your wiki page as well. I have some examples on a different page that you should follow. Come to class prepared on Friday. If you want to get a head start, you will be creating the collage on Glogster. Log in as usmstudent, password of "wildcats", and begin - but make sure you put your name on it!

Resources to consult ...
Creating America
Vietnam Antiwar Movement Research List from ABC-CLIO
The Anti-War Movement in the United States
**Vietnam Protest** Movement from Spartacus

Some potest music sites - part of Strange Fruit from PBS, Anti-War **Music** from JWs Rock Garden, BBC NEWS **Vietnam**: The **music** of **protest**, **PROTEST MUSIC** from SHSU,