Whenever we used to think of JFK, we would think things like "great leader," "young," and "assassinated." Being teenagers, we have an interest in stories like his, so we decided to do our project on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. As we did research we found out a lot about what had happen that dark day in November and we got a pretty good grasp on it. The facts were simple, but we didn't really understand just how much it affected the American people until we interviewed Michael and Lisa. We found that people were devastated when he was shot and it really put a down feeling on the country. When people found out that were many tears, a lot of anger and sadness. Also, people didn't really believe it until they saw that footage that proved that he was really gone.

Just because this happened over 40 years ago, we also learned that it had a long term affect on Americans. This horrible event caused youth to "grow up." It also made young kids like Lisa realize that there isn't a solution to every problem, and that some people are filled with hate when other are filled with love. The world is a crazy place and the assassination of JFK made people realize that even in the United States, terrible tragedies can happen.