Civil Rights Movement TWEETS
So many events in the Civil Rights Movement – imagine if you were present at all of them! How would you communicate the basic information of each major event quickly and concisely? Well, if we could send some technology back in time, maybe you could “tweet” your way through the Movement.

In this activity, you will report about various events, people, and organizations using Twitter as a model. In case you don’t know, Twitter is a social networking site that allows people to keep up with each other by posting messages of “tweets” that are no more than 140 characters in length. Over the next few days, you will use Chapter 29 and ABC-CLIO to post “tweets” about the events, individuals, and ideas listed below. This will serve as your Civil Rights Era study guide! Cut and paste the material below into a new page on your Unit 8 Online Notebook, and tweet away. Make sure your tweets are comlpete and cover a great deal about the topic ... but are limited in size! Don't worry too much - 140 is just a ballpark figure.

EXAMPLE TWEET – Why was Brown v. Board important?
Tweet Plessey overturned by SC, separate is not equal, schools must desegregate “with all deliberate speed”, should lead 2 more – bye bye Jim Crow? Will be some opposition! (that’s 138 characters … and a pretty complete tweet!)

Section 1 – Origins of the Civil Rights Movement

What "changes" were making the efforts of African Americans more successful than ever?

Tweet – they wer hurting th wallet of th gov by not spending $ on gov industries like buses

What happened in Montgomery in 1955, and what were the results of this protest?

Tweet – big bus boycott-got startd cuz 43 year-old rosa parks refusd 2 give up her seat whn white man told her 2-she arrestd-got in2 news-highly protestd-mlk becomes leadr

What happened in Little Rock in 1957, and what were the results of this event?

Tweet –skools segregatd-9 black studnts 2 go 2 white skool-man calld militia 2 keep em out-many outsid skool protestin-death threats-pulld studnts out-Pres Eisen. calld 2 help-helpd-studnts brought back&protectd by military-1st black kid 2 graduate frm ther

What happened in Greensboro in 1960, and what were the results of this event?
Tweet –black peeps findin ways of nonviolent protest-sat in placs wher white peeps wer suppsd 2 b servd-civil disobedience-do wht not allowd-tak punishmnt-get many 2do it-sit-ins-down sides-can end in violence-might not succeed

Provide a tweet describing SNCC.
Tweet – leaders saw success of sit-ins & supportd an organization 4 young people. increased pressure for change in 1960s

Section 2 – Kennedy, Johnson, and Civil Rights

What happened on the Freedom Rides?

Tweet –blacks&whites sat 2gether on the buses 2 challenge segregation-faced violence&arrest-many hurt-went across th country 2gether

What was the story and impact of the Birmingham Protests in 1963?
Tweet1963-marchd dwntwn birmingham(most racist community)-mass arrests-nxt day same happnd-KIDS BECAM INVOLVD-huge violence frm gov-esp 2 kids-H20 canons,dogs,tear gas-global news-thn gov finaly gav in-jfk proceeds civil rites

Describe the March on Washington, including the impact.
Tweet – planed demonstration 2 support civil rites legislation. ended @ Lincoln Memorial. King delivered "i have a dream speech". President promised support.

What was the deal with the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Tweet – Banned segregation in public. job discrimination in Employment Opportunity commission. segregation illegal thruout U.S.

What was Freedom Summer?

Tweet – SNCC organized voter-registration for blacks. students gathered 2 perform their works. about 1,200 AA's add up 2 registration rolls.

Tweet about the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Tweet –banned laws tht kept blacks from registering to vote. sent federal officers to register voters. increased 60% AA's 2 register 2 vote.

Provide a tweet describing the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965.

Tweet –1965-protest2stop segregation-3 diff marches-montgomery still very segregatd-1:600 peeps didnt get far,beaten,tear gas-2:ended w/ peace-both ended @ Pettus Bridge-neg press-3:320 b&w marchd 2 mont,mlk speech

Describe what President Johnson did as a result of the Selma march.

Tweet –startd Voting Rights Act,3rd march sped process,house&congess<3act&pass it,enforced 15th amend.,many more AA voting& # kept risin

Tweet about Johnson’s Great Society – how will it help the Movement?

Tweet – demanded an end to poverty & racial injustice. provided series of programs to help needy and promote education , end discrimination, & protect the environment.

Tweet about the impact of the movement in the North, especially Chicago, in the later 1960s.
Tweet – no laws tht deny AAs civil rites.whites discriminatd vs.AA.couldnt sell property in areas 2 AAs.didnt hire AA. no more interestd in blacks them southern whites.frustratd w/ lack of political powr&econ opp.

How is the Movement dividing in the later years of the 60s?

Tweet – progress came slowly for AAs.they struggled 4 equality encouraged civil rites movement among other oppressed groups.