Annotated Protest Collage - This should be done with one or two partners!
The war in Vietnam is usually referred to as the most unpopular war in American history. As the conflict dragged on, more and more Americans opposed American involvement overseas. This assignment will allow you to describe many of the aspects of the antiwar movement creatively by creating a virtual collage concerning the antiwar movement.

Your collage will contain the following …
  • 4 different and detailed reasons why people began to protest the war in Vietnam
  • 3 different and detailed methods people used to protest the war
  • 3 descriptions of different people or groups of people who protested the war in Vietnam
  • 2 excerpts of lyrics from Vietnam era protest songs
  • At least 5 different images that symbolize the antiwar movement (the images can also go along with the annotations)
  • embedded video to support the anitwar movement descriptions

To prepare for this tonight, you should use the various sources identified below to WRITE THE ANNOTATIONS on a wiki page on your Unit 8 wiki. You will be creating the collage in Friday's class and part of Tuesday’s class. You should also FIND SOME POSSIBLE IMAGES AND VIDEO online and include the hyperlinks on your wiki page as well. I have some examples on a different page that you should follow. Come to class prepared on Friday. If you want to get a head start, you will be creating the collage on Glogster. Log in as usmstudent, password of "wildcats", and begin - but make sure you put your name on it!

Resources to consult ...
Creating America
Vietnam Antiwar Movement Research List from ABC-CLIO
The Anti-War Movement in the United States
**Vietnam Protest** Movement from Spartacus

Some potest music sites - part of Strange Fruit from PBS, Anti-War **Music** from JWs Rock Garden, BBC NEWS **Vietnam**: The **music** of **protest**, **PROTEST MUSIC** from SHSU,


-When Nixon announced that we were going to go to war in Cambodia, people were furious. They wanted to war to end now so they acted out on these beliefs.

-Once people started protesting against the war, especially in Cambodia, Nixon said that they were "blowing up campuses." He sent the National Guard to Kent State University where they opened fire killing 4 people and wounding 9. People were apoplectic after this and there was no way that they were going to stop the protesting.

-People were starting to feel that the war in Vietnam was unjust. We didn't have a good enough reason to be there and we weren't gaining a thing.

-When Americans saw unfiltered video of the war, they were furious. They thought that the Vietnam people were almost out of breath and we were going to win this, but we clearly were not.

-People had huge protests where they would march for long ways. An example of this was when 200,000 people went on a march down the mall in Washington.

-Returning veterens protested against the war as well and they could actually tell the awful stories to make even more people protest. Sometimes they even returned their medals.

- Men who were drafted into the war sometimes burned their draft cards to show that there is no way that they are going to go to fight in this war.

-Hippies-this was the group that didn't care about political change as much as they cared about CULTURAL change. Hippies number one thing that they believed in was that everyone should love each other, whether is your best friend or your worst enemy. They were 100% against violence and made slogans such as "Make Love Not War" to show this. They also preached "altruism and mysticism" along with things like honesty, happiness and freedom to be who you want to be. The hippies were a very distinct group in the way that they dressed. They LOVED beads, flowers, bright colors in crazy clothing that not many had seen before and bells. Also, hippies were very into loud, different music.

The hippie movement started in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district. This was the number one place where free love, peace, and mind-altering drugs were found. There were many free concerts as a form of protest. A group called the Diggers set up free meals in parks and also stores where you could just walk in and take what was needed.

-Weathermen-they believed that these problems should be solved by use of violence. They started off training to resist the drafts, but that didn't get enough attention. In October, the got 600 people to join in a violent protest in Chicago where they focused on using arson and bombing. These were known as the Days of Rage and they sure got the attention they wanted. Weathermen thought that constant criticism against the government and the war would cause more and more to question it and go against it. There activities were ended in the 1970s.

-Yippies-or in other words, Youth International Party-this group wasn't really formed to be huge structure, but they sure kept a high profile in riots in Chicago 1968. They were really one of many groups protesting the war but they were very well known for their strong belief in the cause. The main members of the group were known as the Chicago Seven who were arrested for their part in the riots.




  • some religious leaders, civil rights leaders, teachers, students, journalists, and others believed that the United States had no business involving itself in another country's civil war.
  • Others believed that the methods of fighting the war were immoral
  • Others thought that the cost to American society were too high
  • College students formed a large and vocal group of protesters. They particularly opposed the draft, which required young men to serve in the military. In demonstration around the country, young men burned their draft cards.
  • became linked with the civil rights movement
  • Opponents of the draft pointed out its unfairness. Most draftees were poor. Middle and upper class youth could delay being drafted by enrolling in college.

If you love your Uncle Sam,
Bring them home, bring them home.
Support our boys in Vietnam,
Bring them home, bring them home.

Bring 'Em Home~Bruce Springstein

But you keep telling us, you keep telling us we do
Try to turn us into lemmings with their magic on TV
Leaking military secrets is one of their specialties
To reporters hanging on their words like schoolgirls in love
They've got the scoop, but we're no closer to the truth
If we raise our flag on a million graves
Will we all be proud or will we be ashamed'
Of our leadership, greedy and arrogant
And we'll all be judged by the choices, the choices that we made
We don't want your war

We Don't Want Your War~Jknkz