A Dividing Movement


You have seen the development of the Civil Rights Movement, and the original tactics used by many in the movement was one of peaceful protest, civil disobedience, and non-violence, and African Americans were working within an integrated movement for equality. However, as the 60s progressed, many people within the movement began to move away from the tactics and goals of Martin Luther King Jr.,the SCLC, and other organizations. . Why did this change occur, and what were the ideas and goals of this new branch of a divided movement? Use the resources and activities below to develop and understanding of "The Dividing Movement".

1) To begin - watch the video below as an overview of what happens between the March on Washington and 1968.

2) Read "A Changing Movement " and "Malcolm X" from ABC-CLIO, paying attention to following terms - Nation of Islam, "Black Power", "Black Pride", and the Black Panther Party.

3) Check out the video clip below of the 1968 Olympics.

4) Complete the online survey about "The Dividing Movement" below!

What do you think about the "dividing movement"? You can choose more than one, and add your own response as well! Boo! It's only going to hurt our cause for equality! Black Power is our only recourse - and we must show Black Pride! Malcolm was right on Mike Wallace - our problems are the faults of whites, so we must work alone. Panther H. Rap Brown said it perfectly - "I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie." The Black Power salute in Mexico City was a perfect form of protest - public and peaceful. The Black Power salute in Mexico City was a step backwards for the movement.Other: VoteView ResultsPolldaddy.com