Why was 1968 the turning point in the Vietnam Era?

Leading Up to 1968
-no clear cut winner of the war
-increase in American forces in SE Asia
-Viet Cong proved to be the guiding force in South Vietnam
-US tries to "pacify" South Vietnam-try to get everyone in vietnam to like the United States

LBJ remained determined-our President
-optimistic reports are sent back
-McNamara says he sees a light at the end of the tunnel
-overall, public still supported the war in Vietnam

The TET Offensive
at attack on the US strongholds throughout Southern Vietnam by the VC
surprise attacking cities all over south vietnam
all playing out on the nightly news-govenment is censoring the news
Livingroom War
first time people seeing this kind of stuff-body bags, fighting, etc
Attacks coming from laos and cambodia-Hochiman Trial
communists dug in, US noticed that they would have to destroy the place to take it back
after TET
US wins the TET offensive(on battlefield), but we loose the public's support

People are now very upset, we thought that we were close to winning

Americans see the picture of Vietnamese man getting shot by our ally-we get very mad at don't want to support

LBJ struggles
Congress cuts his Great Society budget

Opinion of LBJ changes
getting criticized more and more and more
goes onto TV and speaks about halting the bombing
he says that he's not going to run again, esp the Democratic parties

Casualties increase dramatically in 1968

4 days after LBJ gives his speech, MLK is shot

Violence and racial tension and violence breakout after him getting shot

JFK's brother
gives a speech that really helps people feel better
He runs for the Democratic party
immediately liked
spents may and june going to many primaries and winning them
goes to california in july
gives a speech at the ambassador hotel and is assassintated

Now Chicago has to nominate someone for President(Democratic)-CONVENTION
people are protesting and police are everywhere beating people up
its on national tv
man critisizing the mayor for putting the police there
mayor says f* you on national tv to that guy


Election of 1968
Nixon wins-just barely
becomes president
becomes president again in 1972
he brings us to a horrible feeling in the 70s